How to Restore File after Format?

Formatted your drive and regretting about the loss of important files on it?

Formatting means to prepare a storage medium for reading and writing. You can format hard drives, USB drives, floppy drives, etc. Usually we say disk formatting. Before using any drive formatting is necessary.  The major advantage is that bad sectors are detected and marked by the operating system. Hence avoiding storage of files in bad sectors and keeping it secure. When a disk is formatted, the bookkeeping information on the disk is erased by the operating system. Internal address tables are created for future use, i.e. to locate the information. There are two ways of formatting your drive, one is Quick format and the other is full format. Quick format consumes comparatively very less time as it does not involve in detecting bad sectors.

You may format your disk accidentally sometimes. You may have to format your drive for drive not formatted error. To increase the speed of operation of your computer, you may format the drive. If you don’t have the backup files then you will regret after formatting the drives. You need a lost file recovery tool to restore lost files after formatting.

Common scenarios of drive format:

Some of the usual circumstances where you format your drive are:

File system corruption: When the file system files are damaged, the operating system fails to mount the drive. You need to format the disk for partitioning and reusing the memory space. All your files in it will be lost after format. You can recover those files using lost file recovery tool.

Quick format: When the data deletion is the issue then you can go for quick format. It is the fastest way to format your drive. In the process all the file system entries are wiped and your files will be lost from the logical drive. You can recover those files using lost file recovery tool as the files will be still present in the hard drive.

Drive not formatted error: If file system, partition table or index file is corrupted then you will get drive not formatted error. A message will be displayed that you should format the drive for further usage. You have to format your drive, no other go. But you can restore lost files on flash drive and other external drives using lost file recovery tool.

Important features of lost file recovery tool:

  • The software can restore lost documents, spreadsheets and some basic media files.
  • It has the option of “Save Recovery Session” to save the session and avoid re-scan of the drive.
  • It shows you how to restore lost files on Windows 7 with simple procedure.
  • The tool can recover files lost from formatted flash drives, hard drives, partitions, volumes, USB drives, etc.

The demo version of the software is available that helps you to estimate the performance of the tool before its purchase. It means if the software will recover your lost Excel or any other files from Windows 8 system or on any other popular Windows system as per your requirement, then purchase the software to save the recovered files. For additional reading on how to recover lost Excel files on Windows 8 PC, then browse around the given page URL:

Steps to recover lost files from formatted drive:

Step 1: Download and install the lost file recovery tool. If you want to recover files from any external drive then connect the external drive to the computer. Launch the software and you are few clicks away from getting your lost files back. Select Recover Files from the home page of the software wizard.

Lost File Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: Select Recover Lost Files and you will get the icons of drives displayed in the next screen. Select the drive and click Next. The software scans the drive with its built in scanning algorithm. Preview the resultant files after scanning and save the ones which you need.

Lost File Recovery - Preview

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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