Lost File RecoveryLost File Recovery Tool

  • One of the effcient lost file recovery tool available in the market for both Windows and Mac users
  • Restore files lost from your hard drive, memory card, USB drive, FireWire drive, etc.
  • Recover lost files from flash drive and other drives even after formatting
  • This lost file recovery tool allows to retrieve files lost due to power surge or improper shut down

Lost your files from the user interface and don’t have backup? Thinking of how to perform lost file recovery?

In our day to day life, there are multiple number of things that keep occuring around us. This is the very reason that it is quite hectic to store each of the information in our mind. The best solution to such problem is saving each of the information on computer or laptop on regular basis. When it comes to storage, which is best compared to your hard drive? It is easy and comfortable to store data and access it on your hard drive. You can save your documents in file formats of DOC and DOCX. These file formats provide a neat manner to portray your data and helps to add images, clip arts, etc. files to it. This makes it more presentable and convincing documentation.

You should always keep a backup as you never know when you may lose the files. You may delete it by mistake or you may lose it  for many reasons. You will be shocked to discover that your documents are gone at a stretch. You try to find the source of those files, but if it is not a common or public document you can hardly find it. If nothing can help you then use lost file recovery software to recover lost documents.

Some common scenarios in which you opt for lost file recovery:

Few common circumstances where you can lose your files are briefed below:

Shift + Delete: When you select a file and press Shift + Delete on your keyboard, the file bypasses recycle bin. If you want to restore that file then it is not possible without a third party tool. You need a lost file recovery tool to get back your lost files. The tool scans the hard drive to recover those files which are lost from the user interface.

Empty recycle bin: If you empty recycle bin, you will lose all your files and folders from recycle bin. Recycle bin is specifically introduced to avoid data loss from the computer. It happens many times that you delete a file accidentally. In such situations, you can recover it from the recycle bin. If recycle bin is emptied by you then you need a lost file recovery software to recover files lost from it.

Drive format: You may format your drive and forget to take backup of the files before you format. You may also end up formatting a drive due to some error or by accident. This erases all your files from the computer. You won’t be able to find it on the interface but the files will be still on the hard disk. You just need to learn how to restore file after format using a lost file recovery program.

Deleted by third party applications: It happens that we end up losing files on the hard drive because of third party tools. While repairing any file, if the file is corrupted severely, then the file may be deleted by the tool. In such case, you need a lost file recovery tool to recover your file.

Defrag failure: Any hard drive is usually de-fragmented in order to boost the access speed of the folders and files as it re-arranges the saved files in such a way that the extra memory space occupied by the previously saved files are freed. Not only this, De-fragmentation also assists to reduce the startup time. Many a times defrag process gets failed and user end up losing some of the important files. At such happening, lost file recovery software ensures recovery of such files.

Interruption of file transfer: We generally make file transfer from one saved location to another to meet our needs. Therefore, if the file transfer process is interrupted by any reason then, it is very much possible that file over it may get inaccessible. Some of the reasons for incomplete transfer are sudden system shut down, power surge, improper ejection of USB drive, etc. If you have faced data loss due to this reason then, simply use this lost file recovery tool.

Prominent features of lost file recovery software:

  • The software has very simple and user friendly interface.
  • Lost file recovery Windows 7 OS and other predecessors from Microsoft is done at ease.
  • The tool supports lost file recovery from FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+ and HFSX on Windows OS and Mac OS X.
  • This lost file recovery software recovers files from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks, iPods, etc. storage devices.
  • You can save the recovery session and resume it whenever you need.

Steps to Restore Lost Files Using Lost File Recovery Software:

Step 1: Download and install lost file recovery software on your computer. If you want to recover files from external devices or drives then connect the device first and later run the software. Select Recover Files from the main page of the software.

Lost File Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: Select Recover Lost Files and select the drive to scan.

Lost File Recovery - Lost Files

Step 3: The software scans the drive and recovers the files. Preview the files and save on a drive of the computer.

Lost File Recovery - Preview

Useful tips:

  • Keep backing up your files regularly.
  • Use UPS while working on an important file or transferring it.
  • Do not rush through to erase your important data.
  • Use a powerful antivirus program.

Recent Updates:

Retrieve Lost Excel Files in Windows 8: Have you lost your Excel files in Windows 8 system? If are to say yes, then don't panic! You can make use of our reliable lost file recovery software. This software is built with special features that successfully helps you to recover all your lost as well as deleted excel files within minutes. For more details, visit this page: https://www.lostfilerecovery.net/how-to-excel-files-in-windows-8.html.

For Leopard (10.5) and
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For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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